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Rules and Conditions for Open show

Rules and Conditions

1. Birds offered for sale in competitive classes should have the price stated

on the entry form for inclusion in the catalogue. If more than one claimant, the exhibit shall go to the highest bidder at the show managers discretion.

2 The society does not accept any responsibility for damage, accident of loss to any bird or cage on route to, from or during the show.


3 The judges decision will be final.


4 Any complaints or matters arising not herein provided for, shall be referred to the show committee whose decision shall be final.


5 In the event of cage labels not arriving in time please send your birds and we will number and stage them.


6 At the discretion of the show management, any birds entered in dirty cages will be refused entry.


7 Any person buying birds from the show

(auction, sales classes and open classes) will need to provide the society with their name and address.


8 Cages MUST be entered with seed in them, water maybe given by the



9 The officials will not be responsible for errors should they occur in the schedule, catalogue or award sheets. Prices of birds as per award sheet.


10  Only cages authorised by the show management will be allowed into the premises.


11 Juniors in attendance at shows during show preparation and judging shall be accompanied by an adult family member or guardian and the show manager/director informed at their attendance.

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